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Q: I can't remember my password

A: On the homepage of the website, you can enter in your username and email address. You will receive a system generated temporary password. You can use this password to log in and can then re-set your password.

Q: I'm trying to check out and it won't work

A: Make sure that all items with an * by them are filled in. If you attempt to check out and any of those fields are missing information, the website will not allow you to check out. It will indicate what information is still needed by putting the word 'missing' in red by the field.

Q: I didn't receive a copy or invoice for my order, can I still get it?

A: Yes. By going to My Account and selecting Order History you will be able to print a copy of your order or print your invoice.

Q: Where are my Favorite or Contract Lists?

A: Your Favorites Lists are the second item under the "My Account" tab in the upper right corner. Simply mouse over the "My Account" tab and the drop down will appear. Click on the "Favorites Lists" link, and you will be directed to the Favorites Lists page. This is also where your Companies Contract List will be. This is named "Contract Fav List."